Arts & Culture

Poem about Milk

By Wilder.

But my head is a little boogery

And I can’t seem to wake up

I wonder if I can sneak

Off camera for 5 minutes

To make an espresso–

I finally have some goddamn milk

And a girlfriend,

Which makes sense because

Otherwise my milk would be sour

Or not purchased at all

Not because I don’t drink milk

Or put it in my cereal

Just because it’s nice 

In the morning to say

“Hey babe

Can I make you a coffee?’

Without having to take it back

Right after, saying, “fuck

I’m so sorry, the milk is off.”

Life is tricky like that,

And it’s not as if I need a woman

To enjoy small successes

Like having milk

In the fridge

But I think I had forgotten

That life is easier

When you have a reason

For doing shit. 

Sometimes it’s just

a matter of wearing socks

Or not

And I hope the women of the world

Don’t judge us too harshly

But without a little motivation

You never quite know

How the day is gonna go.

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