Baseball’s Start Is Canceled Because of the Clown Commissioner

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Major League Baseball (MLB) lockout has gotten worse than it was before as now Commissioner Rob Manfred has canceled the first two series of the Regular Season. The owners and the players association (MLBPA) have yet to come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement(CBA). The owners set a deadline of Monday, February 29th. 

From my perspective this was a tactic to try and get leverage on the players. On Monday, the players and owners negotiated for over 16 hours which went into Tuesday morning. I personally waited up until 2AM waiting for news hoping that there was an agreement. There wasn’t, but they extended the deadline to Tuesday, March 1, at 5PM. I fell for the owner’s lie that there was progress and that there might be an agreement.

As  the Tuesday deadline approached  there was a growing thought that games would be canceled, which they were because the owners offered one last proposal and the players declined it. After the deadline Manfred had a press conference where  he broke the news with a smile. Since becoming commissioner, he has made many decisions that are killing the game. 

I hope that he is removed from the position because with him there, the game is dying. When he calls the World Series Trophy a piece of metal, that makes many fans, including myself, feel angry because these players are putting their blood and sweat into this game to win the World Series, but the commissioner doesn’t seem to care about baseball and it’s fans, but only cares for the money. 

Another example that irks the fans happened back in 2017 the Houston Astros cheated by banging on a trash can to tell the batter what pitch is coming. This goes against league rules because the batter has a clear advantage if they know what pitch is coming. The Astros ended up winning the World Series that year and in 2020 it was revealed why. Manfred fined the Astros and took a draft pick as a result. The way I see it, it was just a slap on the wrist because he doesn’t want to burn the bridge with the Astros owner, while burning 29 other bridges with the other 29 owners. Also, back on December 1st 2021 Manfred imposed the lockout after the previous CBA ran out. He didn’t need to do this because they are allowed to continue to run under the old CBA while working on a new one, but because he’s a horrible commissioner he locked the players out. 

In summery Commissioner Manfred decided to lockout the players because he wanted to make the players give up more in the newest CBA agreement, when that didn’t happen, he decided to cancel games thinking that now the players have to give if they want a season

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