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Pro Active Advice with Kora O. Han

Hey there everyone! Kora, at your service. As of this issue of The Beacon, I will be taking over this wonderful pro-active advice column from Miss Tiffany Crockett, who has graciously passed the baton over to me. So please, do direct your emails to me at, and I will try to answer any questions, doubts, troubles, and help you with any problem you are going through. Yes, even secret longings, fantasies, or desires you feel too awkward to share with your friends. Let me be your listening ear. Let me be your PostSecret. Your anonymity will always be my priority.

Dear Kora,
Sometimes I don’t feel like eating at the school’s dining hall. Despite the relatively reasonable cost, it gets too crowded in there and there isn’t much choice in the food sometimes. I mean c’mon. I can’t be eating the salad, pizza, pasta every single day. Please tell me there are more food choices here on campus!

-Hungry in Hamburger-land

Dear HIH,
I feel your pain. Fortunately for you and I, there are many other alternatives for lunch or dinner on our campus. This includes SMCC’s very own culinary kitchen which charges $14 per person (with a suggested gratuity of $2,) the Seawolves Café in the Campus Center (one I prefer sometimes because there’s a microwave available as well as hot water for that occasional bowl of Ramen), as well as the Captain’s Cupboard at the Captain’s House, our very own food pantry which has an assortment of food including bread, cereal, chips, and of course, Ramen noodles. There is also the One Fifty Ate café, just across the Entrepreneurial center, serving “breakfast, lunch, love,” food like bagels, good coffee and an assortment of sandwiches. And if you have a longer lunch break, how about taking a bus ride to Millcreek (since the bus comes every so often now, I jump for joy) without having to worry about parking when you get back? I hope that answers your question, HIH.

P.S: I’m learning how to cook now so that I can bring packed lunches to school for lunch every day. It does not have to be elaborate or complicated. Just pasta from a can, a homemade sandwich, a couple of apples or bananas, granola bar or carrot sticks with a low fat mayonnaise dip. Do your research. You’ll come up with something.

Dear Kora,
It has only been the third week of school and I’m already feeling so stressed out! I have to juggle between classes, my job, and wanting to do the things I want to do, like hanging out with my friends, going ice-skating or catching movies. I find it hard to wake up early for classes despite setting an alarm. It’s so frustrating I feel like pulling my hair out!

-Losing Hair and Sleep

Dear LHS,
Okay, first of all, take hands out of hair, lay them in front of you, take a few deep breaths, and try to calm down. I’m sure a lot of us are feeling that way too. All I have for you is two words: time management. It is key is all stages of life. If setting an alarm does not work for you, set several alarms on your phone or get yourself a physical alarm clock that you can adjust every night before going to bed. Keep a schedule in your phone, iPad, Surface, tablet, or be old school and get yourself a physical organizer that you can carry around and manage your appointments. If you’re able to, find a job that allows you to be flexible with your time so that you are able to study and do your homework. Weekends are precious so spend it wisely. It’s not going to be easy, but with a little discipline, you’ll be fine in no time. I hope this helps. If it doesn’t, try asking your friends, family, significant other etc. on how they are able to manage their time.

Dear Kora,
Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have no idea what to get for my significant other. We’ve been together for seven months now and there’s still a lot more we don’t know about each other. I don’t have very much to spend as my job pays too little but I still want it to be a special day for I like this person a lot and I don’t want to disappoint them.

Thrifty Love

Dear Thrifty,
You have come to the right place, my friend. It just so happens that I’ve been in this situation a few times myself. Seven months may seem a little brief but we can work with that. Both of you would already spend a significant amount of time catching movies, going for dinners, sharing, and caring for one another, to have a pretty good grasp of what your significant other (s/o) likes. Take into account their favorite food and places, their interests, their likes and dislikes, and you’ll be sure to find something there. Play on your strengths. If you like to cook, or are an experimental cook like I am, try to cook their favorite dish for dinner and spend a romantic dinner indoors, watching their favorite movie after. Or try cooking together. It might be the most fun you guys will have. For inexpensive gift ideas, try your hand at DIY gifts with step by step instructions on websites like or other personal blogs. Be creative, be fun, but most of all, be yourself. Also, flowers won’t hurt, if you’re into that sort of thing. Hannaford’s has better food, but Shaws’ has a better selection of flowers (I kid you not.)

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