Reviewing Documentaries: Taking a New Look

By Krista Kelley-Krasnow

With each new issue of the newspaper I go on this glorious hunt to find some mind blowing cerebral documentary to review. This got me thinking and asking myself, why is it that I feel the need to review such profound documentaries about human connection, social injustices or the human condition? Why are we as human beings so drawn to this art form?

We all live, breathe, and experience the world from our one perception. Documentaries allow the viewer to view from a different vantage point, as well as learning about an issue that perhaps they know nothing of. Admittedly, I have watched several documentaries about global issues; for example, about the water crisis in Africa, just to get information and knowledge on the subject. We exist in a world where any piece of information exists and is accessible in our pockets. With any cell phone that is available to go online, we have access to an overwhelming amount of knowledge. Yet this knowledge, experience, and information is all just words if not connected to something that we can relate to our lives, or experiences too. Documentaries do this. Documentaries put a face and a level of humanness to any issue.

As humans I would like to believe that we have a desire to connect with one another; that as humans, we also have a natural desire to be compassionate and empathetic towards other living beings. Documentaries also help us witness these acts. I’ve watched documentaries that have completely restored my faith within humanity. Documentaries that have allowed me to think about something in a completely different manner than how my brain operates.

So I decided this semester I wanted to broaden my documentary horizons. Help me break out of my comfort zone and write about documentaries I wouldn’t normally watch. Please email me directly with documentaries that you would like me to review. They can be silly, strange, quirky, etc. Please just recommend your favorites. You can email me suggestions at kristarkrasnowkelley@student.smccme.edu. I am open to any suggestions and look forward to your recommendations.

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