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Dining out on a Student’s Budget: Back Cove BBQ and Pizzeria

Back cove PizzeriaBy Dierdree Glassford
Have your midterms got you in a slump? Do you just wish it were summer again, so you could kick back and relax? Do you wish it were Super Bowl Sunday already? Me too! Recently I have found myself feeling bored, stuck in the routine of school and seeking a bit of fun. One of the best things about summer and the Super Bowl is the food by far, and at my most recent visit to Back Cove BBQ & Pizzeria over at 89 Ocean Ave, I was brought back to some of the best game time meals I’ve ever had!

Back Cove’s rustic charm warms you right up, a no mess, no fuss restaurant that serves an incredible amount of food found on its diverse and exciting menu, Back Cove BBQ will hit just the right spot. Greeted with cheer by the great staff, you feel extremely comfortable in this casual dining setting, and whether you are sitting in, or taking out, the food will stop you in you tracks! Specializing in American cuisine, Back Cove has some great and familiar meal options, like their Crispy Finger Lick’n Wings that come in all types of flavors like Chipotle BBQ, and Sweet Thai Chili, or their to die for fresh dough pizzas!

There is a certain charm to a place that prides itself on fresh food and good service, and this place has got it. With every meal made to order, you know that you are going to get the freshest, crispiest fries around, and your food will never come out cold. With a creative menu of pizzas to choose from, you could make your next pizza party the talk of the town, with crowd favorites like Meat/Veggie Lovers, and more unique choses that I have never seen anywhere else like the Big Mac Attack, you wont have a mouth go hungry! They also have gluten free pizza available now!

One of the best deals in town is the Back Cove “Great Deal” Combo, which includes an entree off of the menu, a side of fries and a fountain drink, all for $9.99! Making it an unbelievable deal for students on a budget.

My partner in crime and I decided to go for completely opposite meals and see what would come of it. Pure delight is the answer! Ordering the Thanksgiving Gobbler for myself, in respect for the upcoming holiday and substituting out the fries for fresh house made coleslaw, my first bite was a delicious combination of fresh perfectly tender turkey, tart cranberry sauce, and stuffing. It was a dream (I’m a sucker for Turkey day sandwiches).

My man friend grabbed himself a scrumptious pulled pork sandwich, with the fries of course, and it looked so good I stole a bite for myself. Smoked on site in a giant smoker/grill, the meat fell apart in your mouth in all the right ways. After a long day of errands, this was the place to be for a relaxed and homey meal made with care and pride.

Now I saved the best part for last, with a valid student I.D you can purchase any meal and receive a 10% discount at the register. That extra buck sure saves my pockets, how bout you? Not only that, but Back Cove has a great deal on delivery, no matter how much you order the delivery charge stays the same, meaning when you start planning your next big event, Back Cove Catering has got you covered! Business meeting need a bit of a pick me up, or do you have a birthday to celebrate sometime in the near future? Back Cove will be glad to whip you up something great!

So the next time you have a hankering for some bomb pizza creations, or just a great American meal, feel free to visit Back Cove BBQ & Pizzeria in Portland, you won’t regret it, and neither will you wallet!

Till our next bite,

Dining Dierdree

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