SMCC Nursing Club in Action; Stopping Flu In its Tracks

inoculation-fluBy Jessica Cunningham

On Tuesday, September 9th, the lobby of the Health Science Building was a buzz as the Nursing Club hosted the 2nd Annual SMCC Flu Vaccination Clinic. The Clinic was staffed by club members, which include current nursing students as well as those interested in the nursing profession from the South Portland, Brunswick, and York Campuses.
During the 2.5 hour clinic, pre-screenings for illness and allergies were completed by 1st semester students; 2nd & 3rd semester students administered injections; while 4th semester seniors monitored the clients for possible side effects. About 60 students and faculty received their flu vaccine, which is double the turn out from 2013.
The vaccine supply is made available to The Nursing Club through a partnership with the VNA Home Health & Hospice of Southern Maine. SMCC students receiving the vaccine were asked to provide insurance information or a recommended fee of $30 with out insurance, however no student was turned away due to financial need.
Myth: You can get sick with the flu from getting The Flu Shot.

Fact#1: The flu vaccine, when given as an injection, is not a live virus, and does not cause the flu.

Fact#2: College students especially those living on campus, are more likely to become sick with the flu because of sharing restrooms and close social contact.
Each year, Influenza infection rates begin to rise around October and peak between January and February. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that most people age 6 months and older receive an annual vaccination. Practicing good hand hygiene is also an effective measure to reduce the spread of germs.
It is a goal of the SMCC Nursing Club to promote healthy living, education, and illness prevention, among members of the SMCC community.
To find out more about illness caused by the flu or the benefits of the flu vaccine, please visit WWW.CDC.gov/flu

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