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Night Sky

By Elizabeth Barrett, Liberal Studies – Psychology Major


When stars began to sparkle,

I practice my own religion,

amazed at all that is remarkable,

belittled in Earthly indecision.


Instead of bowing my head to pray,

I raise my eyes and behold, the sky

I merely sit, contemplating space.

Freedom of thought, I would never deny.


I imagine the galaxies, twinkling distant memories,

I am amazed at the sky’s magnificent serenity

I think about who I am and who I want to be

And imagine the universe being affected by me.


I let the tears flow, if that is the case,

As I unravel life’s responsibilities

Because sometimes I feel so small in this place,

When I ponder the endless possibilities.


I think of what’s been done and what can be

And mourn the fates that befall mankind

Knowing I am condemned to freedom,

Responsible for keeping or losing my mind.


I allow myself to imagine what wonders may exist,

And like the child of years ago, I still desire

To take off like a rocket into the starry abyss

I pray that is where I end up when I expire.


I feel connected to everything in those moments

And fight the heaviness that takes over my eyes,

The porch light offers artificial condolence

As I finally, resistant, trudge back inside.


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