Three reasons why I Like Bernie Sanders

By Ian Zillar

Three reasons why I Like Bernie Sanders

With this year’s election, how are we to determine whom to vote for? The choice has to be which of the candidates you like best and the traits that you like about each of them.

Today I shall describe the many reasons why I like them or dislike them. One candidate that I like is Bernie Sanders, and here are three reasons why: One this is the fact of his morals and the fact that he is a man of principle and stands up for what he believes and has not changed his principle in his time in office.

The second thing that I like about Bernie Sanders is his views on money in politics. Bernie Sanders believes that corporations should not be allowed to spend however much they want in order to influence and buy elections so that they eventfully are able to take control of our democracy.

Another view of Bernie Sanders’ that I like is his view that there should be a free education system and that he wants to see to it that college is free. So these are three Facts about Bernie sanders that I like.

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