Arts & Culture

Blue X, Red Dot, Green Circle

Dierdree Glassford

Hospitality Major


I’m branded, and thrown into the game

Its X’s against Dots

Its Blue against Red

Its permanent

Is it?

My mind is whirling, and all I can think

Is this is uncomfortable

But for so many this is truth

For so many inequality hits them in a way

That holds on for dear life and knocks every

Ounce of energy our of their lungs

Gasping for a breathe of air in this

Suffocating justice system we call


Its just a game, a game, its ok

But its not ok

Its unreal, its unfamiliar

Because of the color of my skin

I am privileged

I did not choose this privilege

But it is given to me just the same

How have I earned it? Have I earned it?

I haven’t.

But still, just the same, It is mine

But the guilt is heavy in my heart

And I wish I could scrub my skin off

I do not want the association

I do not want this priveledge

Not if the cost is lives

So many lives, taken with haste, hate, and leaving

Terror in its wake

I go home

I scrub my skin raw, red, patchy

And the branding is lingering

The Red Dot I was given

The Blue Dot I chose

And the weight in my heart that does not leave

Its a game

But its not, and it never will be

Realization hits

And tears stream down my privileged cheeks


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