Arts & Culture

Poetic License


Olivia Lilli Carlilie King (Bean)

Liberal Studies Major



Sand blowing in silvery, golden swirls,

carried by the soft breeze, brought on by

the waves in his eyes, storms of midnight blues,

gray tulles, and green algae covered rocks. All telling of his fight

in the ocean of life.

I want the feeling of his hands playing in my hair,

softly, playfully, to see

his smile shining brighter than a golden sunset,

reflecting on the glass that is calm,

waveless water.

Stitched together, our broken, purple and black

bruised hearts became one.

We were thought of as one whole,

as a key fits a lock,

or as a Lady Macbeth to her lord.

As a robin in flight to her nest of baby blue eggs.

His colours of blues, greys, and greens mixed with mine,

Of reds, yellows, and pinks.

Slowly creating a patel sunset of purples, silvers,

golds, and baby oranges.

All reflecting in the now calm, midnights of tulle

thats are the waves in his eyes, as he left,

turning into the swirls of golden-ish silver at my feet,

Leaving me to surround myself in the waves,

that once were his eyes.


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