Kindness Korner

By The Kindness Mama

There is so much hate in our world, violence in our nation and chaos in our state. I believe we need more random acts of kindness. I know they are out there because I witness some every day here on campus. I see some in my commute to SMCC, some at the local grocery store, some in and around my place of employment and even some in the big city of Portland, Maine. Now I want to report on them and I want you, the readers of this great newspaper, to help me. I cannot be here on campus 24/7, so I will need a few informants to help me report on the random acts of kindness you see here on campus.

The world, our nation and our state is so full of negative news all time; I believe we need to start reporting on positive news — positive people, making a difference in everyday lives. I know they are out there, and you all know they are out there. I bet each one of you have witnessed at least one random act of kindness, so let’s share it with everyone.

This is a new section of The Beacon. My name is the Kindness Mama (I wish to remain a mystery). If you would like to report a random act of kindness, please send an email to The Beacon. I will review any and all acts of kindness and report as many as space will allow. Please include a contact email in case I need to contact you with questions about the random act(s) you have witnessed.

Thank you all, and I look forward to reading and hearing about the random acts of kindness on campus. Remember, kindness causes a ripple effect — once it starts, it never ends!

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