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Cultural Night [updated]

This story has been updated on April 12, 2018, to add J.M. Zulu’s quote and photo, and to correct the date of the event.

By Rebecca Dow

On Thursday, April 5, Resident Assistant Jean Medard Zulu organized and hosted a Cultural Night in the South Portland Campus – at the Noisy Lounge located in the Campus Center. Participants were encouraged to bring traditional food, wear clothing representing their background, and act out performances that mean something to them, in an attempt to share and celebrate diversity among the crowd. “The goal of the ‘Cultural Night’ was to assimilate all the different students from SMCC to spend a good time together, no matter what their background was in one place.”  (J. M. Zulu). Throughout the night, over 100 people attended, densely filling the space provided. Shown below is a photo of Jack Gentempo directly following his mime act. Additionally, we have is a photo of Wazo, a local music group passionate about their work; and Zulu in traditional attire. At the close of the performances, stories were shared about individuals and their respective places of origin, namely those from immigrants who came from countries struggling with civil war and discord.


Photos by Rebecca Dow

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