Imagine Your Teacher Naked for a Moment

By Gio DiFazio

Saul Levine, a film instructor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, was terminated after showing a film to his senior thesis class that included intimate shots of him with his partner. A professor that has been with the school for 25 years, Levine is well known within the realm of experimental cinema.

Fostering creativity and unique expression is something that American Universities will always strive for. I’ve never been to art school, but I imagine it feels slightly different than the rigid curriculum of say, my major. This creativity and inventive atmosphere is unique to art students.

Making your students watch you have sex, is at the least, creepy.
So, how does a 74-year-old dude come to the conclusion that it’s a great idea to show a film of his creation that just happens to include brief moments of sweet, sweet art instructor love-making?

“I thought I would show two of my own films that also deal a lot with editing structures and some of the issues I saw coming up in their films,” said Levine, who did not say whether he’d warned students of the film’s graphic contents. “It’s a complicated film that uses footage drawn from the life around me.”
A complicated film that uses the life around you?
How can he imagine a scenario, where in a room of college students, not one takes offense to watching you have sex. Regardless of your perspective, showing yourself having sex to people 50 years younger than you, no matter in what context, probably isn’t best choice of action. Using your sexual exploits as a method of education, also, in 2018 is a very brazen move.

Levine said he did not know how many students had complained. He said the school had previously defended him against claims he taught “gay pornography,” but administrators berated him during the February meeting “about the safety of students, and why I was harming them

Weird is funny (to me anyway). And I like funny, like most people. So if a teacher decided to show me a similar film, without warning I think that my reaction would different from most. I would find it very funny. And I probably wouldn’t see to have the instructor in trouble. It’s hard for me to think about this situation from the perspective of a parent since I’m not one. If my son or daughter was exposed to this, I would offer that they do what they feel is best, and it is nothing more than a perfect example of just how creepy some people are.

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