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Printmaking At SMCC

By Rebecca Dow

As an assignment for Mary Hart’s Printmaking 1 class, students were asked to create drypoint intaglio artwork for two exhibits titled “The Exquisite Corpse: A Surrealist Drawing Game,” and “Memory and Forgetting”. Images from the latter exhibit are shown below.

Left to right, Mother’s Wedding by Mitch Bradshaw; Family by Namio Ukash; An Old Street In Portland by Trisha Poulin; and Memory Of Childhood In France by Solange Kellerman. Photos by Mary Hart.

According to Hart, regarding “Memory and Forgetting”, “Images were incised on PETG plastic plates with a metal etching needle and printed in oil-based ink. The project required students to examine and represent a personal memory with clarity and detail, then explore a variety of printing techniques to introduce the concept of forgetting. As time passes, images become less clear, or changed by new experiences and understandings. The color printing techniques of chine collé and à la poupée were also applied in this project.”

Students’ work was displayed in the SMCC Library for a time during the Open House hosted on April 7. Since then, the exhibits have been disassembled to make way for a photo display organized by instructor Christian Farnsworth for his classes. The artists involved in both displays were Mitch Bradshaw, Michael Claar, Robin Fagerlund, Hawa Jelle, Solange Kellerman, Deeqa Mohamed, Trisha Poulin, Ashlie Roderick, Naimo Ukash.

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