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Kindness Korner

By The Kindness Mama


Illustration by Sosanya Pok

Well, this Kindness Mama is a bit disappointed, as I have received no sightings of kindness around campus. Now, I find that very hard to believe, as I have seen at least two such instances.

On Tuesday, April 10, 2017 at around 1:20 p.m. I saw many vehicles circling the parking lot behind the Health Science Center looking for a parking space. As all of you know, the parking here is a huge problem on the very best-weather days, let alone on days when snow is blocking some very useful spots. On this particular day I, along with at least five other vehicles, was circling the lot looking for an open spot. I can only assume that, like me, the other drivers of the vehicles also had a 1:30 class they were headed to.

After my third go around looking for an open parking space, I noticed a young woman exiting from the Health Science Center with backpack and keys in hand. There was a vehicle in front of me that slowed to let her pass in front of their vehicle. The young woman stopped in front of the stopped vehicle and pointed to her parked car. The driver in front rolled down and spoke to the young woman. The young woman nodded and continued to her vehicle, which was a few feet from where she was. The driver waited and let the young woman back out of her parking space and took the now-open spot.

Now, you all must be asking, “Is that a random act of kindness?” And I say yes! The young woman did not have to inform the vehicle in front of me that she was leaving, yet she did. She could have just chosen to walk to her vehicle and then leave without informing the driver in front of me there would soon be an open spot available. She decided to show kindness and allow the vehicle the opportunity to have her parking space. I have been at SMCC for almost two years and have commuted every day I have classes. I have had this happen to me only once.

Just because I did not benefit from this random act of kindness, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reported. It just so happens that the individual that was in the vehicle in front of me was a classmate in one of my classes. I also know this student commutes to class each day and has a tight schedule. Finding this parking spot allowed them to be in class on time (unlike me, who actually had to park a great distance away and was late for class).

Now that was just one of many instances I witnessed the past week. I bet you all witnessed some too. Maybe you let someone cut you in food line at the dining hall because you knew their schedule was tight and they wouldn’t be out in time for their next class. Could be you let someone copy your notes because they missed a class due to illness or other unavoidable problems. Maybe you let someone borrow money, borrow your cell phone, borrow your laptop, borrow your vehicle — the list of random acts of kindness is really endless.

No random act of kindness is too small to report. A random act of kindness is something someone does to help another person out, not because they have to but because they want to.

Kindness is something we all need in our lives, something we seem to be lacking in today’s world, something that when witnessed brings a smile to your face and warms your heart — maybe just for a moment, but a moment is better than not at all.

So come on, SMCC, let’s start reporting on these acts. Let’s fill up a kindness log instead of a police log. Let’s all get out there and start spreading kindness and see what a difference it makes in our little corner of the world. SMCC may be just a dot on a map, but it is our dot and our world, so let’s start making it a better place to live, study and belong. Please send your sightings to me, the Kindness Mama, at I look forward to reading them and will include as many as space will allow. This is a recurring section, and will be in all future editions of The Beacon.

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