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In celebration of Poetry Month, I’ve gathered a number of student work to share — as a sort of last bang before the month hides its chilly face for another year. Many of these students have attended writing classes at SMCC, which surely helps in formulating expressive, refined poetry. Please enjoy and remember to send in any poetry you’d like published in future issues of The Beacon to, or We look forward to receiving your submissions!

By Eliezer Morse

this december i got
caught up with you
this december we wove our teeth
together in the stone of the night
cold and silent warm tongues
cutting through the chill
this december i tried to read
the scripts in your eyes

kiss each letter like pre-
cious bread after hunger

this december i said i love you
and you swallowed it so deep
into yourself i almost fell in—
rattled in a vacuum of hormones.

pick my stalks that stand rig-
id in the winter air,

chew them back to life
let me wake in the spring with
fossils of you on my skin.
let me say it again,
i love you love you i love you
this december my love joined the
snowflakes of millions “i love yous”
unique yet repetitious
a blip on your mountain of existence.
i still love you though.

By Cali Atwood

Loneliness is an aching feeling
That burrows deep into your body
It settles into your bones
Making itself at home in your lungs
And with every breath you can feel it
With every beat of your heart
Every passing moment, it grows
Hollowing out the cavity of your chest
Until all you can feel is your heart
Echoing like thunder on rooftops
Pounding against your ribcage
Like a trapped bird meant to be free
Your breath whips around your chest
Raging like wind during a storm
It’s settles over your bones
Like night after day
An icy darkness that seems to allude
You’ll never feel the
warmth of light again
It wraps its hands around your heart
Tricks you into believing it will care for it
All the while digging its claws in
Piercing your heart so deep
It infects you to your very soul
Loneliness is an aching feeling
That seeps into every part of you
Taking a relentless hold on your existence
And threatening to never let go


By Komakech Ogak

Money is cheap, I mean there’s a lot of it,
Trillions floating around. Some hiding in the lottery,
others in the bank, or in our pockets.
Don’t value it to be a man or a woman.

Dead presidents on green paper,
You harden our hearts, turn into a distraction,
and reset the obligation of life.
Please end.

Let’s make God our principal,
Invest in time to spend with family.
Rebirth our standards,
For the better.

Have shame if you worship paper.
Become more generous,
Make the sacrifice.
If we develop an understanding of this,

Salesman lying beautiful speeches will stop.
Fears of a child not succeeding will stop.
Then we will know this power,

A gift from the most glorious.
Stop the ignorance.
We are responsible for the world.
Man up!

Plan A,
Learn to see reality. Slowly open your eyes.
Time is Money. Question why?
Do we really buy time?

Plan B,
Give an effort, like the celtics in 2008
Try again, Again,
And again.

Plan C,
Provide hope
bring change,
Make the difference.

My Cat
By Joseph Malia

You stand tall with such stoicism,
your eyes fixed on everything and nothing
your silence, demeanor, presence
your look of annoyance
your head up high
until something catches your eye
you finally jump up
and want to play


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