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College Courses That Every SMCC Student Should Take

By Mohammed Omane

College can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but sometimes a little recommendation can save you a semester of stress or help you gain the most for your money. I’ve compiled a list of five courses that I think every SMCC student should take if they need one or two more classes for the semester. These courses will not only help you in your academic future, but will teach you important life skills that I think everyone could benefit from. These courses are not part of the general requirements, and most are electives.

1. Personal Finance (BUSN 115)
One of the most crucial skills that many students are not taught in high school is being financially stable. This class has so much applicable material to everyday life. From understanding the topic of insurance to doing taxes, the knowledge from this course will still be used 30 years down the road.

2. Foreign Language (SPAN, FREN, CHN, GERM)
Being monolingual in a very globalized society. Learning a new language, whether you take Spanish and French here at SMCC or take Chinese and German at USM through the GPACU partnership, could really add a lot to your perspective. The added physical benefits and mental fitness a second language provides are also vast. It might be challenging now, but down the road, traveling will be so much more fun and meeting new people will be that much easier.

3. Creative Writing (ENGL 200)
Introductory English only scratches the surface of exposing students to their writing potential. Creative writing teaches you the techniques and strategies of captivating your readers with your next essay or article. This can be applied to so many aspects of a student’s career, from writing scholarship essays to an attention-grabbing cover-letter for that summer internship.

4. Macroeconomics (ECON 125)
Government changes are always happening — from tax cuts to increases in government spending. Understanding how these affect you could save you the surprise of price increases or rises in interest rates on your loans. We hear a lot of economic terms thrown at us every day on the news, social media, and even in conversations with friends. This course will teach you how to perceive these changes in policy and how you could benefit from them.

5. Drawing (ARTS 110)
This is probably one of my favorite courses. Drawing is a calming activity that can help you de-stress after a long lab session or work day. This course, while teaching you all about the arts, allows you to be creative and express yourself through all sorts of material.

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