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Beyond Simply Food: A Quick Look at the Portland Food Scene

by  Jared Erving

For those who have not heard, Portland was named the 2018 Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appetit Magazine. Over the years Portland’s restaurant scene has continuously grown. A city once remembered primarily for its seafood, Portland is now one of the best cities for food service; from a lobster roll to a croissant at a local bakery. Portland has many great places to eat, from your usual stop, to that little café you’ve yet to hear about.

With a changing and ever-growing food industry, Portland is the place to be for culinary students and foodies alike. With somewhat older establishments, such as Hugo’s embracing change, to newer places such as Cong Tu Bot, there are always places to go, things to see and food to taste.

Another wonderful thing about the food scene in Portland is the fact you can go numerous establishments where current and past SMCC culinary students work, to other eateries that graduates own.

From David’s Restaurant to Scratch Baking you can always find a place to try that has a connection to our school. What could be better than just going out and not knowing who made your food? How about being able to see what your fellow students can and have accomplished while taking friends out and enjoying the social aspects of eating?

The social aspect of eating has been traded in for haste and the daily routine. Many of the restaurants and bakeries in our area have brought both a sense of community and the return of making anything from a snack to a meal a social event. Something that has needed to be brought back to both the industry and our lives.

So why not find some time to try a new restaurant or food stop with friends? Let’s all try to bring the social aspects of eating back in our lives. And to bring a little spice to our day.

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”

– Anthony Bourdain

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