From the Desk of the Managing Editor

By Rebecca D.


This is your friendly human “Bean,” Rebecca Dow. It’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance as managing editor for The Beacon this fall. To give a little backstory on my position, I began my time at SMCC as a liberal studies major in 2016 with a focus on science.

After completing a semester, I realized that I was more artistically inclined and would do better to pursue a career which doubled as an outlet for that; so I switched my major to Communications & New Media. It was during this degree shift that I began my involvement with The Beacon.

At first, I was intimidated by everyone there who knew what they were doing; I sure didn’t! I just wanted my poetry seen, so I began submitting my works straight to the section editor for Arts & Features. This allowed me to become acquainted with other writers, graphic designers, and photographers. Over time, I’ve become more comfortable with my own writing skills and abilities.

During my next semester, the opportunity to take over as section editor for Arts & Features was offered to me. The job was unpaid, but I acquired experience working with industry-grade Adobe programs. Some students find that designing for The Beacon gives them a chance to build their resume and refine their skills further through experience.

This fall I am working as paid managing editor. My goal is to ensure that we have enough content and that deadlines are met. This is our 113th issue without missing a deadline; that’s eight years of collective dedication to producing newspapers filled with student-made content and news.

Personally, I find The Beacon to be a melting pot of ideas and skills to learn from. Anyone wanting to practice writing, journalism, design, comics, photography, illustration, and editing will surely find a niche that suits them within The Beacon’s support net!

Every other Tuesday at 5 p.m. we hold writer’s meetings in the Captain’s House on campus, where we discuss content ideas for the next issue. All are welcome and encouraged to put their best foot forward and help make a difference here at SMCC through The Beacon.

The student newspaper is nothing without your contributions. My hope for The Beacon is that it will continue to grant students the ability to express themselves and exercise their voice for years to come.

Thank you for picking up our first issue. Whether you’re a freshman college student, a local in a coffee shop, a high school sophomore interested in journalism or a traveling glass blower, my message to you is to know what you want, plan out the steps to achieve it, and move forward with passion. Without it, there is no true pursuit when it comes to finding what makes us happy. Wouldn’t you agree?

This is going to be an amazing semester. I look forward to reading new student work as Jack Frost slowly but surely creeps his way to South Portland this year.

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