Astrology Check: Libra Season

By Celina Simmons

October can be a crazy time of year, especially with people dressed up in costumes everywhere and adjusting to the substantially colder weather. We get to experience a bit of a relaxation period, thanks to the past harvest moon on Sept. 24, but we are only making our way deeper into Libra season.


Illustration by Eden Dyer

If you understand zodiacs, when you think of Libra, you think of balance and peace. But in order to maintain that balance, you must control the tension around it. For example, you can’t steer a car straight without constantly adjusting the steering wheel. That is why this time of year, we must be reflecting, or rebalancing, our choices.

On Oct. 6, we see Venus going into retrograde. If you recall from the last issue, we reflected on what happens during a Mercury retrograde. A Venus retrograde is similar in that it also creates an illusion effect that the planet is spinning backwards, but again this is only an illusion. Retrogrades basically cause the planets’ paths in orbit to be rather busy. But whereas Mercury rules over communications and agreements, Venus rules over money, friendships, and love. 

Think of a Venus retrograde as a crowded social event where everybody is getting a bit stressed and flustered. This is because our social nature and sensuality is thrown off due to the fact that Venus is in a “resting” state. You may notice yourself or others reflecting on where their love is going or how to show affection. Now is a perfect time to do so!

A few more important things to think about during this period are your values, such as who or what you appreciate in your life, yourself or others, and how you value money and beauty. It is also a good time to revisit old issues in friendships or relationships and potentially dealing with them. You may expect past “acquaintances” to reappear in your life for this reason. It may be smart to review your finances, as well. Rather than indulging with your money, try to “tie up loose ends” by paying off or collecting your debts.

On Oct. 8, we will experience a new moon in the Libra zodiac. If you are unfamiliar, zodiacs are basically constellations that visible planets, the sun, and our moon travel through. A new moon is considered the first of the lunar phases, and is invisible from Earth.

New moons usually represent a fresh start, but in order to achieve that fresh start, we must work with the tension (as mentioned earlier). This new moon, in particular, is concerned about personal relationships and justice. It may spark up tension in relationships and make you consider how to bring compassion into them while still saving some for yourself. You may also experience internal conflict between where you want to be and how hard you are willing to work to get there.

Try to consider all sides of the story at this time. It is important to remember that other people have feelings and needs that may be different to yours, but are equally as important. Take the time to rebalance your lifestyle and consider more equal “give-and-take” approaches.

The keyword to remember for the next few weeks is balance. If you run into some tension, stay calm and find a comfortable equilibrium for all parties involved. With that in mind, I’m hoping all your stars align!

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