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Gallery Under the Stairs

By Loraine Aceto

Gal Under Stairs 6

The Gallery Under The Stairs is an awesome event occurring this Fall semester! The shows will run for one month (but two weeks from now). Note: it is unsure if the gallery will continue into future semesters. Each show is “built to showcase the work of our talented student artists and designers” (found on posters about the Gallery Under The Stairs around SMCC’s campus)! Communications and New Media Studies students’ beautiful artwork is being featured in this wonderful gallery, located in the Hildreth Media Center on the first floor! The gallery is hosted by CNMS professors Michael Lewis and Rachel Greene.

Currently, the “Monsters of New Media” from FIG – 03 are showcased in the Gallery Under the Stairs: art pieces created using programs Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. Professor Lewis, host of this amazing event, communications new media studies professor, and FIG professor says, “The Communications New Media department welcomes five more students into the fold. Over the week of Aug. 20 to 22, five eager students chose to spend the last week of the summer getting a jump on the semester by tackling units on budgeting, scheduling, studying, career goals and mindset.”

Student artwork by Adam J. Bathomay, creator of the comic lore of Hellen, is featured currently as well. “The idea for Hellen came to me almost immediately after my first Comic Club meeting,” Bartholomay explains in his art description at the gallery. “Hellen Withfuels (main character of comic lore Hellen) herself came about as a direct result of conceiving the villains,” the artist says. Bathomay describes how he thought of a character who could overcome sadness even without joy. At the same time, this presented a set of challenges, and a premise-defined arc that the character overcomes. Bathomay thought of story ideas from First of the North Star’s Kenshiro, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusader’s Jotaro. Bathomay liked the stern, stoic demeanor characterized by Kenshiro, Jotaro, and others; being inspired to create his own characters with likewise characteristics. “Eventually, it became an amalgam of everything I could possibly want to see in a story, from shonen-style action to political intrigue to social satire,” he tells in his art description.

The descriptions by our students say it all! Gallery Under The Stairs is a gallery showcasing CNMS students’ talented art as a platform! Come down to the Hildreth Media Center on the first floor this Fall Semester and check out our talented students artwork!

Curious about how the Gallery Under the Stairs’ sign came to be? Watch the oral history on our YouTube channel:

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