Kindness Korner

By the Kindness Mama

Hello SeaWolves! Mama Kindness is mad, and it takes a lot to get me mad! I recently heard that many  students in Spring Point Res Hall lost some belongings and had some personal belongings stolen or damaged. This happened on or about the time of the mold problem in Spring Point Res Hall.  Now, that is simply not right, nor is it KIND!

The students in the dorms were requested to vacant ASAP. They were also told to leave all nonessential items behind. They were given a very small window of time in which to pack up their belongings and evacuate the building. They were provided rooms in area motels to stay. A side effect of this was having to commute daily to their classes at SMCC. They were told that their items left behind would be safe, and not to worry about them.

This is what made Momma Kindness’s blood boil. I heard a very sad story from a student which brought tears to my eyes. The student left her prized possessions behind. These were some very unique video games that the student had spent hundreds of hours playing and achieving high ranks in. These video games are now no longer available for sale and are extremely rare. Now, that in itself puts a very high dollar amount on the games, but add on top of that that the student had achieved high ranks in the game.This adds to the value The games are no longer available for sale and her play cannot be reproduced: That is a tragedy!  To this student these games were like a beloved photo of a loved one, an autographed copy of a favorite book or a family heirloom.

There are other stories floating around campus that are of equal significance such as: stolen personal items like contact lenses and clothing. There is also a story of personal photographer being taken out of the frame ripped in half and place back into the frame.

Now I am not one to point fingers without any solid proof, as I did not see the items being stolen or damaged myself, but it was reported to have happened around  the time period that the mold was being removed from the Spring Point Res Hall. The lack of respect toward someone else’s belongings is of extreme concern, as a trust was violated. 

If you have noticed how some of your belongings have been mistreated, or even missing please contact the RD for Spring Point Res Hall, or Jason Saucier, the Director of Res Life with your concerns.

I heard the student who lost her video games is handling the loss with grace and dignity. She is struggling but is trying to help other students with their losses and is trying to move on and concentrate on her studies and classes. I also heard she is quite the talented artist.

Mama Kindness is all about being kind, and I love hearing stories about random acts of kindness around campus. Well, I heard of a random act of kindness that gives the above story a slightly happier ending. No, Mama Kindness did not find her lost/stolen video games, but the student mentioned above was given a large box of colored pencils to create more beautiful pieces of art. Someone in her class heard of her story and presented her with a box of colored pencils as a gift. No, it won’t bring back all of her lost progress in the video games she loved so much, but It did for a moment remind her that not all people are takers. There are some givers in the world.

KindnessMama2Now it is your turn: Please tell me your random-acts-of-kindness sightings. Maybe you witnessed a random act of kindness on campus, or maybe you were the recipient of one. It could be you who was the giver and want to share your story. Whatever the kindness is, I want to hear it. Please drop me an email at Kindness is never out of style! Share yours today!

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