Midcoast Food Pantry and Other Services Become Available; Students’ enthusiasm and Energy Run High

By the Beacon Staff

Hello again, Midcoast Campus. Here we are five weeks into the semester, and The Beacon is happy to report on four items that are happening on the Midcoast Campus that are newsworthy. So… let’s get down to brass tacks, as they say somewhere on this planet.

Item No. 1 on the short list to report is that the Captain’s Cupboard at Midcoast is up and running and has started to accept donations to stock its shelves and refrigerators. The Cupboard has partnered with Merrymeeting Gleaners, which is a volunteer group that collects produce from local farmers and distributes it to local food pantries.

Cleaners First Delviery (Midcoast pg)

Produce courtesy of the Merrymeeting Gleaners at Midcoast’s Captain’s Cupboard. Photo by Tori Penney

The Captain’s Cupboard is located in Orion Hall and has 24-hour, seven-days-a-week accessibility for the Midcoast students who are in need of food. So, when you are crunching the books in the middle of the evening and need some brain food, the pantry is there for you. (Please be considerate of the needs of others — only take want you need and save some for other students who need to supplement their food needs.)

Second on the short list is that the Career Center has opened up in the L.L. Bean Learning Commons and Campus Center. The center’s services include resume building, employment searches and free printing.

The Midcoast Career Center is one of 12 State of Maine Career Centers located throughout the state. There are centers located in Presque Isle, Springvale and everywhere in between. Check out the State of Maine Career Center website, which is full of resources, workshops and services that should be of use to those who are searching for employment.

Next on the short list is the addition of Resident Life Assistant Merrick Banks, who has moved up from the South Portland Campus to help with clubs and organizations on the Brunswick campus. Recently Merrick organized a Manhunt program, and will be the lead for the Active Brunswick Club. The club’s goals are to take advantage of the natural resources around Brunswick year round. If you love to hike, love Maine’s incredible scenery and love being outdoors with your friends, then this is the club for you.

That’s about it for this week’s Midcoast updates. Look for a spotlight on Erik Squire, who has joined the Midcoast Campus as a Student Success Coach and Adviser, in the next paper. And as always, The Beacon is looking for Midcoast students to contribute their stories and/or creative endeavors to The Beacon. Just email us at mbeacon@smccme.edu and one of the Beacon staff will be in touch shortly.

Succulent Program (Midcoast pg)

Two unidentified Midcoast students plant succulents at a recent Planting Party. The program was offered on Thursday, Sept. 13 in the L.L. Bean Learning Commons. Go green or go home. Photo by Tori Penney

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