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Poetic License


Hello, and welcome to the second edition of Poetic License. Apologies on a transfer mistake in our last edition that cut one of the poems short. Here we have the poem reprinted in completion. Once again, please contact me at to submit poems or to get in touch about poetry gatherings.


War Culture Karma
by Liam Woodworth-Cook

A pity,
fragile innocent death our toll
in acceleration

heat of the 21st blink,
we are demanded by what
we’ve held hostage.

Burn or bust our fragments pressed,
The doomsday chamber,
to explode.

The end was created by their own machines,
they’d even made a clock.


A Comment Before Homework
by Liam Woodworth-Cook

We’ve covered a bizarre billion of religious extremities that come dripping out of the forefront of civilizations tongue for control. The wacked ganja prophets prophetic on mushrooms amplify the divine harmony of all creatures. As Bronner states in washtub “ALL ONE! ALL ONE”! This is the chant of perfect mediation so silent it creeps up like nothing else for it is all and nothing. My ability of inner reflection the squirrel’s tail flickers name. Propper my ruckus is one of “ALL ONE ALL ONE” like bigshot, like loudmouth, like honey-suckle rampage bliss.

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