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Veterans’ Club

By Stephen McCabe

Are you an SMCC Veteran? Have you been to the Veterans Lounge, located on the first floor of the Captain House? Have you been there this semester? 


New and improved looking Veterans’ lounge in the Captain’s House Photo by Stephen McCabe

I am Steve McCabe, a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and an SMCC student veteran. This is my first semester of college, and being 35 years old means I have been out of the classroom for about 17 years. So when Amy Lainoff told me about the veteran-only space located in the Captain’s House, I immediately had to check it out.

The space was perfect — first-floor access right next to an exit and a bathroom. The door had a passcode locking system, to which Amy Lainoff, Veteran Advisor at SMCC, will provide all veterans the key code to enter. There was also a desk along with a computer and printer with internet access, and two couches for lounging or catching a nap. I was sold: This was going to be THE spot for veterans while I was here, and hopefully long after.

That’s why I brought in my own personal touches to make the room more comfortable and desirable for veterans to spend their time while on campus and waiting between classes. That’s why you will now find several changes and additions to the space, such as the flat-screen television; PlayStation 2 and 4; AM/FM stereo system with CD player and auxiliary port to play from any device; and community DVDs, games and charging cables for all veterans to use while in the lounge.

I may be new to SMCC, but I already feel welcomed and at home. I want all other veterans to feel the same, and to use the lounge not only to study and pass time between classes, but to meet other veterans going through the same challenges of transitioning to college.

Please, come check out the newly revamped Veterans Lounge located on the first floor of the Captain’s House. Leave a message on the bulletin board, or just have a look for yourself and familiarize yourself with the spot on campus that is exclusively for veterans.


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