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SMCC Students Sign Up to Vote and Make Their Voices Heard

By Joshua D. Parks

SMCC kicked off the 2018 election season with a voter registration drive in the Campus Center on Monday, Sept. 25.

The Student Senate collaborated with the League of Women Voters, campus professors, and student volunteers to bring the importance of and access to democratic rights to the doorstep of the college. Over 30 SMCC voters filled out green registration cards in about two hours. Cards listed hometowns from Buckfield to Meddybemps, where they will cast their votes this fall.

“This shows how diverse our student body is at SMCC,” said Student Senate President Leah Parrish. “Our students come from all across Maine, and will go out to serve in careers all across Maine, too.” The registration table was full with Student Senators Leah Parrish, Joshua Parks, and Nate Russell, and by adjunct professors Alicia Harding and Herb Adams of the Social Sciences Department. The tabling was a success, and students can expect at least two more registration drives over the next month before the electoral rolls close according to the Senators.

“We’re on a roll and won’t stop now,” said Russell.
“The stakes in the Maine governor’s election are high and students better make their voice heard,” Parrish added. “Funding for the whole Community College system will depend on who sits in Augusta.”

“This is our chance to do something about the corruption in Augusta; we should make it count,” Student Senate Public Relations Secretary Joshua Parks asserted.
During upcoming voter registration drives, the Senate will also be providing educational materials for voters, giving those pressed for time an opportunity to learn about their options.

Candidate visits to the campus are also on the agenda for this fall. Terry Hayes (Ind.) will make the first appearance Tuesday, Oct. 9, from 3 to 4 p.m. in Jewett Auditorium. Our second guest will be Alan Caron (Ind.) on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 3 to 4 p.m. in Jewett Auditorium.


Joshua Parks, Leah Parrish, Alicia Harding, and Nate Russell.

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