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Students Create Art Show

By Celina Simmons


Sculpturesque artwork on display at the Captain’s House Photo by Tyler Arabia 

Kai Greene, a professional bodybuilder, actor and artist, once said, “In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece.” SMCC’s Student Art Club has arranged three weeks to allow students to showcase their own masterpieces for the first time. From Oct. 18 to Nov. 8, students’ artwork will be displayed across the walls of the Captain’s House at the South Portland Campus.

The Art Club intends the first-ever Students Create Art show to be a chance for each student to show their “creative endeavors” to their fellow peers. Every student was sent an email that included details on how to submit their own work to the show. That email brought together online students, commuters and dorming students to collaborate on this event.

Each piece of art on display is unique in its own way. Techniques varied from woodworking to intaglio. Not to mention the plentiness of sketches, prints, acrylics and sculpturesques. One student mentioned that what was intriguing to him was the act of creating something that’s never been created before.

The featured artists had varied years of experience with creating art. Some shared how they had been sketching or painting pretty much their whole lives, while others said they only had a year or two under their belts. But the experience has no relation to their skills; each student has found a passion, and that passion is evident in their art.

One of the best aspects to art is that there are no boundaries. Once an idea begins, the soul takes over and the outcome can speak louder than words. When the faculty advisor of the Art Club, Chuck Ott, was asked if there would be another Students Create Art show in the future, he responded with “Heck yes!” So if you are interested in sharing your own passion for art in the next showing, keep an eye on those email updates and your work can be on the walls too!

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