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Forage Market: Your Breakfast and Lunch Go-To Spot

By Jared Erving

Are you looking for a good homemade bagel, or maybe coffee and flowers? Forage Market has opened a Portland location on Washington Avenue. It has both tasty food and spots to sit and do homework while grabbing a bite with someone. Originally located in Lewiston, Forage Market has both an intriguing menu and good coffee. Open for breakfast and lunch, there are plenty of chances to try them out.


Illustration by Jose Roberto Lemus

Focusing on local produce, Forage Market is a good place to try the flavors of local ingredients. From local produce supplied by Mighty Maine Greens in Woodstock to cured salmon from the Brown Trading Company right in Portland, there are plenty of reasons to try Forage Market out.

The staff is friendly and you can see into the kitchen/bakery too. Although it is not like an open kitchen, it is still interesting to see where the cooks and bakers work. The wood floors and light décor make for an interesting visit. The feeling while there is best described as “local Maine” with a touch of still getting up on its feet. Sadly, the Portland location is still new and is only open Wednesday through Sunday until they can grow both their business and their employee base.

Overall it would be fantastic to see the Portland location expand to seven days a week. Not only for the business to grow but for people to be able to experience their food and service more often. I would fully recommend trying them out and bringing a friend along for the food, coffee and relaxed setting found there.

“I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community.”
-Howard Schultz


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