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Gallery Under The Stairs Updated

By Loraine Aceto

The Gallery Under the Stairs, located downstairs in Hildreth Media Center on the South Portland Campus (next to the Dining Hall), has made an update! New art pieces are being showcased of students’ fantastic masterpieces. Here we can find art pieces including only three colors — black, red and white — of creative creatures and characters of the student artist’s choice. The sketchy lines in some pieces create a sense of movement while the pieces with solid red backgrounds create a focal point. The colors complement each other and the outcome is uniquely creative to see.

Gallery Under The Stairs 1These art piece channel very “Attack on Titan” vibes with these (if anyone may get this reference from anime). The Gallery Under the Stairs is also showcasing organic (nature-influenced) pieces that appear to be painted, which are beautiful as well. They feature earthy tones like hues of pinks and plums to paint out a fruit, deep purple, light blue and green. One piece is in black and white, which also makes it a strong piece of what it resembles. So please, come check it out at the Gallery Under the Stairs in the Hildreth Media Center!

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