SMCC’s Vibrant Midcoast Campus

In 2011, SMCC opened a second campus at Brunswick Landing in the nearby town of Brunswick, Maine, home of the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. The college now has more than 6,000 students who come from across Maine and New England, from other states outside of New England and from other nations. The college offers more than 40 degree and certificate programs in five different academic divisions: Applied Technology, Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Public Safety and Business and Information Technology. The campus has four primary buildings: the L.L.Bean Learning Commons and Health Science Center, Orion Residence Hall, the Maine Advanced Technology and Engineering Center (MATEC), and the Academic Building. The L.L.Bean Learning Commons opened in 2014 and serves as the hub of the campus with tech-infused learning space, a library, advising offices, quiet study rooms, a café, and modern laboratories and classrooms for Nursing and Health Sciences students.

One Campus, Endless Opportunities

SMCC’s Midcoast Campus in Brunswick brings all the benefits of a comprehensive college a little closer to home. At the Midcoast Campus you have access to personalized services and a varied selection of in-demand programs and courses. We have state-of-the-art classrooms and labs to help you on your way to success.

According to Jim Whitten, Dean, Midcoast Campus and Satellite Centers, “The SMCC Midcoast Campus is a special place. We are a small and intimate community where students benefit from a supportive and knowledgeable staff and faculty. As the campus dean, I am very proud of the community our students, faculty and staff create every semester. I am consistently amazed by students as they learn and grow, and organically establish campus clubs and activities that make the campus come alive. I’ve had the incredible honor of establishing, nurturing and championing the Midcoast Campus since 2011. As we continue to grow and expand our course offerings, initiate workforce training programs and continue to provide excellent educational opportunities, our students will continue to benefit from our special place.”

Vicki-Rose Porter, Midcoast Campus Coordinator, says that “The Midcoast Campus is a special part of SMCC. We are a small campus that offers a lot of opportunities to the Midcoast Region. The growing number of classes and programs offered here in Brunswick give many affordable and accessible opportunities to students. I love working with students starting with the application process, continuing with their New Student Orientation, and every other step along their SMCC journey right up until their preparation for graduation. I provide one-on-one support service to all Midcoast students, assisting with the registration process, financial aid needs, billing needs and academic support services. Students receive all of the services they would find at a larger campus but with a small campus feel.”

Nancy Collins, Student Coordinator,  “ love[s] the size of the Midcoast Campus. We are small enough to have a friendly community feel, but large enough to offer a variety of courses and majors. This campus is the perfect place for students who are undecided, new to college, returning to school after many years, or know exactly what they want and how to get there. No matter what their educational background, all students are welcome here.”

Erik Squire, Advisor/Success Coach, said “When I was an SMCC student, I had all my classes on the South Portland Campus. After coming to work on the Midcoast Campus, I was impressed by the modern facilities and housing, and I quickly realized how much of a tight-knit community it is here — everyone seems to know and look out for everyone! As an advisor and success coach, I enjoy working with students to get them enrolled, helping them figure out the best strategies for succeeding at SMCC, and assisting them in choosing the right classes for themselves. My main goal is to help students thrive on the Midcoast Campus, and I’m excited to see them add to the rich community that we have here.”

For Tori Penney, Residence Director/Activities Coordinator, “There are a lot of benefits to living at the Midcoast Campus. It is a tight-knit community with many opportunities to get involved. There are a variety of clubs and organizations on campus, and you can always start a new one. We also have many events throughout the year so that our residents can relax, have fun and get to know each other.

Orion Hall offers a very different living-learning experience from the housing provided on the South Portland Campus. Each unit is apartment style with a kitchenette, full bath and a living area. We also have a student lounge, a recreation lounge, a quiet-study lounge and a fitness center in the building. If you are looking for a more independent living arrangement while still having opportunities to get involved, the Midcoast campus could be a good fit for you.”

A Vibrant College Town & Community

SMCC’s Midcoast Campus is located in Brunswick, a vibrant college town with charm and bustle, and a wide assortment of restaurants, shops, pubs, museums, theaters and other attractions. Our campus is housed at Brunswick Landing, an innovative and growing business/educational campus on the former Brunswick Naval Air Station. Brunswick Landing has a high-speed fiber optic network, its own golf course, bike paths and an all-green power system. A fitness center is located nearby and a locally owned café is just a short walk from campus.

A Place for Partnerships, University of Maine at Augusta’s Brunswick Center

SMCC’s Midcoast Campus is home to the University of Maine at Augusta’s Brunswick Center. This expands the wide range of opportunities available to our students, giving them access to more courses and the ability to transfer credits with ease. To learn more, visit the UMA Brunswick Center website.

Southern Midcoast CareerCenter – Brunswick, Maine CareerCenters, located in the L.L.Bean Learning Commons, provides a variety of employment and training services at no charge to help individuals with their job search. To learn more, visit the Southern Midcoast Career Center website.

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