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State of Affairs Soapbox: A Layover of the Wasted Laid Away

By Subject Actively Listening
(Liam Woodworth-Cook)

  1. Heat up. Heated up. Hot breath, up. Heat showered vapor, why do you cling to me? Clung like hot, a box rising in my claustrophobic nature. Tendencies,  seeing tender (ly) do we believe we all honestly don’t care? Or is it that we are too far in the bog? The Baskervilles have done their trick. Expunged smoke, swallowing, half chewed. This is how we walk; in limp, bulging eyes.
    Groaning, our motors are flights delayed and undeparted. Our kidney’s hall passes that won’t pass the next gate. Checked and checkered by heightened and tightened secure clutched collars. Listen to them stranglespeak. Listen as they stranglespeak. Stratification not strutting fiction.
    We limp like damp puzzle pieces, the projected ball trying to catch up too, catching if only we could hold light. Farther afield, a running boy.
  2. run boy run,
    running boy ran,
    bet you,
    black running boy,
    better you run,
    i told you not too, i told you to stop,
    told, stop resisting.
    you’re resisting, i told you,
    i told you run
    stop resisting.
    If we can place tears, do so here.
  3. This is injection, saltine soluble, take dose with second hand rotation. Even the most forgotten and walled are told “act-like-cement, loose-your-eyes”, “act-like-cement, loose-your-eyes”. This is not life. They are grease-rags ready to catch fire. So fired up, so boxed, a heated hot breath; sweatyourback breakthisback.
    Heated up, inside.
    The inside. Designed for when the factory sold away, vacation to Southeast Asia. Designed for when the plantation turned to coiled venom wire, a 20th century decorum; a system where we smuggle bodies by branding. Seal it in law and write “Private No Entry”; they kidnap a(ny)way.
  4. I’m sorry, Mars won’t save you. Reliance on the business class is just a wet dream of capital’s innovation. Innovators bring big toys and space cars to the table, card trick flash our age is drowning neon phosphene alarms. Our last call to the dragon’s lording wealth. Saving day’s new deal.
    #Whoisthenewclass. We say, pardon can you spare one? Spare a coin for our faucets of lead, this is not the mineral water I heard them speak of. This is not the mineral water I heard them speak of.
    Heated waters grip close. What is the sound of an infant choking?
  5. Remember, number one. Number one, repeat till remembered. Embedded. They tell us this. They parade this. Syrup it, sugar coat-cereal this.
    Look into the make believe.
    Reject until further notice. Reject until no more lead. Reject until bullets are no longer used as a judge’s gavel. Reject until there is not a hungry child.
    When do you cry for the children? Where do you take the time, pull it from your arm’s agony and find room to weep? Reject till the babies have bellies healthy and warm. Reject until a citizen erodes to a human, reject until illegal cannot be placed alongside human being. Reject white supremacy. Reject fences. Reject man & wife; a binary.
    I no longer want to swallow your coin.
    Reject their conquest for your body. Reject the value barcode sealed above our foreheads. Reject colonial councils in genocide continuum. Reject that lie that we don’t have the means. Realize we have all the means if we saw and swayed. Reject that the children can’t be fed and funded. Reject the story we fell off some exalted hill, now remerging in god’s glory. Reject our founding.  Reject our myths. Reject the canon pointed at us all along.
    Reject and dance,
    Dance, to be a rejection, union of walking contraindications.
    Re-ject, Re-source, re-structure.
    Reject resource, restructure.
    Play tape without manual.

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