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Benedict Cumberbatch Stole Christmas

By Celina Simmons

The 2018 adaptation of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was very much what one would suspect for a 2018 adaptation of a classic Christmas movie. It featured most of the same characters as the original and the Jim Carey remake, though followed a different plotline. As a big fan of the two originals, I may be biased with my conclusion that this remake just wasn’t up to par.

Benedict_Cumberbatch_as_The_Grinch.0.0.1460656551.0This is not to say that “The Grinch” was a waste of a classic. Actually, it was a cute family movie to kick off the holiday season! The theater was full of families with laughing children, who seemed to enjoy the film very much.

The plotline was pretty much the same in regards to the Grinch’s plan to steal all the presents and decorations, but in aspect to Cindy Lou Who, the plot line was very different. She plans to trap Santa Claus the night of Christmas Eve to ask him for one gift, to make her mother happy. I respected the idea of having her mom be a single mother working all night and taking care of her three children all day. It showed a side to families that isn’t usually represented in kids’ movies.

The thing that bothered me the most in the new “Grinch” was the Grinch’s house. In the first two movies as well as in the most notable song “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” he is depicted as a slob, an unkept, gross being. This was displayed perfectly in the Jim Carey remake, where his whole cave is a mess and he eats glass, dropping pieces out of his mouth all over the place.

In this 2018 version, his cave was kept rather organized, or as my boyfriend called it “chaotically organized.” Regardless, it was well-kept for a “nasty wasty skunk.” In fact, the only gross thing I can recall the Grinch doing was spraying some sort of mold spray as deodorant.

Personally, I think Benedict Cumberbatch is too nice to steal Christmas. The movie was full of endearing moments and good laughs. It did an admirable job at getting the message across that Christmas isn’t about all the gifts and fancy lights. It showed that Christmas is about togetherness and how love and kindness is all that matters in the end.

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