Featured Student: Catherine Scanlon

By Celina Simmons

Art finds its way into our lives in unique ways. Catherine Scanlon is a second-year Communications and New Media student here at SMCC. She has a degree in graphic design from her first round of college, and now she finds herself back in school to expand her graphic design abilities.


Artwork by Catherine Scanlon

Within her 25-year gap between schooling, Catherine found herself falling in love with art. She had been drawing nearly her whole life and had come across a career as a rubber stamp designer and a children’s book illustrator. “I found that I want to do more of my own stuff for just myself, things that make me happy,” she shared when talking about her more recent passions with art.

Catherine combines what is known as found poetry with her own watercolor art. Found poetry is when words or phrases are taken from multiple pieces of poetry and rearranged to create a brand-new poem.

She had fallen upon this passion after a stressful summer, searching for a new way to decompress. “It took my mind off my stresses and allowed me to just think about something completely different,” she recalls.


Artwork by Catherine Scanlon

Her favorite poetry is usually that of the renowned poet Robert Frost. She will fill a jar with lines from poems that stood out to her and go through the jar until a theme jumps out at her. Her passion in art takes over from there.

At the moment, the pieces she makes with her found poetry is something that she likes to keep to herself. One day, she imagines having, if not hundreds, at least one found poetry book published that she can keep in her home and flip through on a rainy day.

“There is something about it that I just really love — giving a new life to somebody else’s work,” she shared. She truly does bring a new life to the poetry with her intricate watercolor designs. Catherine plans to use her pieces as a part of her senior-year capstone project and to further her passion as the years go on.

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