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techTalk2By Looey Teung

Do you have a personal computer? A laptop? Do you constantly bookmark pages that seem interesting, helpful, or just what you use on the daily? Considering my own experience, I have plenty of websites that I constantly visit, and being able to just click them makes my life a whole lot easier. But what about using someone else’s computer or a school one? All your bookmarks aren’t there… Wish you could just get your bookmarks to pop up? Well… YOU CAN! In fact, you can make them appear on any computer you use!

Whether you use a Windows computer or a Mac, or you use the default web browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, there is a way to sync your bookmarks and even your history by logging in with an email address. Google Chrome is by far the most used web browser, so I’ll tell you how you can get your same comfortable browsing experience on any PC using Google Chrome.

chrome1If you don’t know if your bookmarks are syncing, open an instance of Google Chrome on another computer and at the top right of the window, click the small circular icon with a person in it. Then click “Sign in to Chrome.”

Google supports many of the older email names, so enter an email you would like to use and you can manage more of what you want synced by going into the settings.

Once logged in, it’ll prompt you to turn on syncing. Click “Turn on,” and your bookmarks and other features applied to your personal computer should appear.

chrome2If you see your bookmarks appearing, then success! You already had it synced and you enabled it on this computer’s Google Chrome browser! If you didn’t, then you either didn’t have any bookmarks to begin with, or it was disabled. If it was the latter, then you will need to go into the settings and make  some adjustments.

Click on the vertical line of three dots at the top right of the window, then select “Settings.” You have plenty of options on what you can sync, and you can go about it any way you want. You can sync your search history, bookmarks, passwords, themes and wallpapers. Once syncing for at least one item is turned on, then for any instance of Google Chrome that you log into, it will be imported for use by you.

The ability to sync data across different platforms is amazing and beneficial. Having a web browser feel the same on any computer is like being in the comfort of your own home. It puts your mind at ease and allows for faster navigation when browsing. Syncing your information is highly recommended if you’re switching between your own personal computer and the computers here at SMCC, as these computers do not save a student’s web history, bookmarks or settings.

An updated version of this article can be found on my website: looeyteung.com.
My name is Looey Teung and I’m a member of the Information Technology Senior Capstone Project course and I’m planning a career in Information Technology.

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