On The Links: The Challenges of the Game

By Jared Erving

SMCC Golf 01 (1)When I talk to people about how one of the greatest aspects of golf is that it is played out doors, sometimes they comment, “Yeah, but you only play when it’s nice out.” That’s not always the case with golf, especially as competitive play when the Seawolves Golf Team played in the YSCC Championship at Pease Golf Course in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in

As the weather consisted of poor conditions with storms and wind pushing north, the competing teams played in cold, windy and rainy conditions. Having to play on a soggy course in soggy clothes, the golfers were not just playing against the course and themselves; they were playing against mother nature as well.

The team may have played in poor conditions, but they still held fast to the game. The struggles of playing in harsh weather create a whole new game. With the players having to take into consideration constantly changing winds and levels of rain, control of the ball requires precision and technique that takes athleticism in a whole different direction. It can be said that if you can play in the rain you can play in the sun.

Watching players play in poor weather such as this shows that golf is not only a sport, but also a lifestyle that requires dedication and a mindset. Golf forces you to accept what is and what will always be; whether it is harsh weather or a bad shot. The SMCC squad proved that by going out and doing the best they could with what they were presented with, that the level of competitive play is far greater than some might expect.

With the season at an end our players may be done until next year, the time for reflection has begun. For the returning players next year, they can start to focus on what it means to be a golfer in college level play and developing a mindset that will help them be more competitive on the links. The departing players might not be returning next season, but they will still always able to play with us outside of the season. The season may be short, but the experience and competitive mindset continues year round.

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