The Life of Video Journalism

By Paul Maxell

Journalism of all kinds is important to any news outlet, whether it be a newspaper, a TV news channel, or even an online publication. Of course, writing can be less time-consuming when it comes to journalism. But all of those are forms of reporting, including broadcast journalism, are equally as important. Both forms tell a story, they just tell them in different way.

Writing journalistic pieces can require interviewing someone while recording them and transcribing what they say, word for word, so that nothing is put in the article incorrectly. Other types of piece just require knowledge of the subject and the willingness to type until it’s done. When it comes to broadcast journalism or video journalism, it gets a little more complicated. These interviews are taped and have to be transcribed so that whoever edits the video can know what questions had good answers and where to put them on screen.

The video can’t just be put together randomly, otherwise it will be boring and won’t make any sense. The editor has to arrange things so that they make the most sense and are the most aesthetically pleasing. When recording an interview there are a lot of factors to take in: lighting, background, background noise, subject, questions, etc. It can be difficult to not to try to get everything right at once. The best thing you can do is get as close as possible and fix it in post-recording.

As long as you know how to make your interview work towards your story, you should be okay. If it doesn’t work towards your story, you don’t use it in the final product. If you’re in an interview and you can tell that it’s not going the way you need it to, don’t get frustrated or angry. Always stay polite and nice, even if the interview is terrible, because if they ever need to be interviewed again they are more likely to agree if you’re polite. All it takes is a little patience and knowledge of how to get the equipment to do what you want, and you can make any type of journalism!

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