Arts & Culture

Andy Warhol and His Pop Art

By Claire Dodge

john_lennonI didn’t choose to write about Warhol because of familiarity, I truly love the movement of Pop Art that he specializes in. There is so much character and interpretation within his portraits that really catch my eye.

I chose to focus on this portrait of John Lennon because of the colors and markings of how the look was created. The shadows and highlighting show the visual crispness and clarity, which is what we’re really focusing on this semester in Painting 1. To see the likeness of Lennon is very eye catching.

I wouldn’t say I strive to paint like Warhol, but his work is very beautiful and the materials he uses to get the outcome of his portraits are amazing. Rather than the big picture, Pop Art was mainly used to show the culture and significant pieces of cultural objects. In the 1950s Pop Art emerged and stuck with people, really capturing the boldness of everyday images to bring a different perspective on culture and the world.

A lot of people will recognise Pop Art as seen in comics and pop-styled visuals which were used to keep readers and interpreters interested. This was mainly used to show the ideas of abstract expressionism in relating to how people could see the world through a different perspective.

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