From the Desk of the Managing Editors

By Zaq G. & Celina S.

This is the last edition of The Beacon that is going to be published in 2018. It has been a fantastic semester while tiring at the same time, and like many of you, we are ready for the winter vacation. After the stress of finals, it’s going to be nice to be able to relax a little over break. What’s even better is how we can take advantage of the holiday season while we do so. Present season, lights everywhere and Christmas movies galore. But is this time of year all about gifts and decorations?

We feel that it’s always important to have a little reminder this time of year that the holiday season is more than the holidays. Most people are so distracted living their busy lives that there seems to not be enough hours in the day, especially when it comes to seeing family. If you are fortunate enough to spend this offseason with family, take
advantage of it.

Make sure to eat lots of good food, reminisce with family and friends, and reflect on this past year. What have you learned these past twelve months? Where are you in your life and what do you want to do next semester? The new year is fast approaching and we’ll be back in classes and stressing about how to balance life between work, school, family, and friends before you know it. So use this time off to ruminate on your goals for the new year. Manifest your thoughts and turn them to reality.

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