Letters to the Editors + Editors’ note

Dear Beacon Editors,

Comic book legendary writer Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, has passed away at the wise old age of ninety-five. The worlds and characters he created set off an array of color in the comic book and entertainment industry. From acknowledging a fly crawling on his wall, sparking the idea for ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ to the flawed personalities of the Fantastic Four, Stan Lee has brought excitement, realism, and heroism to the forefront of his books.

Comic books in general, have gone from being in throwaway magazines to being one of the most respected and well-liked art forms in the world. Graphic novels like ‘Watchmen’ was listed on Time’s ‘List of the 100 best novels’ and was said to be the time comic books ‘grew up’. Jim Lee on his way to pursue a medical career gave himself a year off to study drawing and techniques associated with comic book art. Lee is now the creative director at D.C. Comics and has already left behind an incredible legacy.

Yet are we really studying the lives of people like Stan Lee enough? Are their accomplishments and roads to success being acknowledged in the classroom format in due time? A great help to me in some of my lowest times has been following the way motivated people talk and live their lives. I find myself researching what others did to put themselves in the position they want to be. Yet the times have changed, and persistent methods like harassing employers out front of their building like Frank Miller did in his day, might not get you where you want to go in today’s society.

It seems to me that study of accomplished individuals in modern times, still competing in their fields, would be enormously helpful. Understanding how things came to be is a very important tool for future success, but what if clung onto whether a young entrepreneur’s business move was the right one or the effects of where an artist took his creative endeavors. What if we cheered on accomplishments and got behind each other and build on each others success? Times are changing and the study of how we can adapt to be ahead of the game should always be in the next class.

Respectfully submitted,
Jonathan McDonald


Dear Editor,

I am an American citizen and I haven’t seen my parents over 17 years. Like any other child who loves their parents I miss them tremendously. My mother and father are over 60 years old. My mother has had health problems the last couple of years as she has been sick most of the time. My origin country is very poor, there is no medical services and the available services lack quality. quality. My mother has seen many Doctors and medications she has been prescribed only make her sicker. I was hoping to treat my mother to a visit to the US so I could see my parents again. About 2 years ago I started the immigration process for them. After I requested a visa for my parents, I informed them that I wanted to bring them to the United States. More importantly, I reminded my mother that she could receive excellent treatment here in order for her to heal. They were so excited and happy. My hope for seeing my mother and father was high.

Unfortunately, my fellow Americans let me down because they elected a hateful man, Donald Trump as our president. In his first months of his presidency, he banned immigration from a handful of countries, including Somalia my home country. This immigration ban hurt me quite hard and I am very disappointed that my wishes were destroyed. My hope to reunite again with my parents and curing my mother here was sabotaged by Trump’s immigration policies. Now I’m crossing my fingers that he will leave the White House in 2020 as I am sure our next president will be sympathetic to families that are separated and wish to unite. I pray to Allah every night for me to see my parents. Hopefully my parents and I will be reunited and I can help my mother regain her health. Isn’t this something that every child who loves their parents would want?

Respectfully submitted,
Mohamed Jama


Dear Editor,

I would like to address an economical issue that is important to me, the cost of living in Maine. I find it disturbing the cost of living continues to increase year after year, but my paycheck stays the same. In the past 2 years my employer has increased hourly rate by thirty cents this is not helpful for my family of four. I work full time, am a full-time student at SMMC and mother of two. My husband works forty to sixty hours a week and we still struggle with rent, utilities, groceries and the odds and ends children need. We just about break even every month. When we moved into our apartment 10 years ago our rent was just under nine hundred dollars a month a week of groceries for our family of four was about seventy-five to one hundred dollars a week, and this included diapers, pull ups and diaper wipes. Fast forward to today and my rent has increased to over thirteen-hundred dollars a month, a week of groceries costs anywhere between one hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy-five dollars, this is without the need for baby supplies and my utilities (which are not included) have increased about another hundred dollars. I am frugal and do not spend money on anything we don’t need. We cannot be the only family struggling. I believe if the cost of living is going to increase, then employers are going to need to find a way to increase our pay. If something is not done soon. I honestly believe we are going to see the homeless rate in Maine increase, with many families living on the streets or in shelters. This is not going to help anyone.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Small


Dear Editor,

The United States President Donald Trump has started to consider an option to stop or prevent school shootings, by arming teachers so they will have the ability to fight back. Donald Trump says, “It only works when you have people very adept at using firearms of which you may have.” I agree with what the president is saying to keep the children and schools safe. People attack schools because they’re a gun free zone. To a psychotic person that is an easy target, they won’t be getting shot at. If they know they possibly could be killed they wouldn’t attempt the act in the first place. As Trump calls them “Cowards”.
Airline pilots are able to have a concealed gun permit to help the security and safety of the plane. In 2001 after 9/11 arming pilots became a huge part of the security program. The pilots that were chosen for the program have a law enforcement or military background. The pilots had to pass a background check and only allowed to use
the government issued .40 caliber handgun. The pilots had hard training, some got blisters on their trigger finger from shooting off so many rounds.

I believe arming professionally trained teachers with a gun could be beneficial for the safely of children in schools. The teachers would have to be trained even with a military or law enforcement background. They would need a background check and a psychological evaluation.

Also, everything needs to be monitored regularly to make sure the school stays a safe environment. All precautions will need to be taken to make sure this will only have a positive impact on schools in the United States.

Respectfully submitted,
Lindsey Targett

Editors’ note:
Thank you all for submitting letters to your school newspaper, The Beacon. The paper is meant to be a microphone so students can voice their opinions and be a bigger part of the SMCC community. While we may disagree on certain topics and issues, it’s more important now than ever for us to read and discuss differing opinions. It doesn’t matter if you are on the left or right politically, your voice is important and deserves to be heard.

There is a stigma around differing political views these days that has gotten out of hand. It is vital to the growth of our country to realize that you are not going to agree with everyone and that’s okay! What matters the most is the respect you give when hearing their point of view. We think that many people in the political world forget about respect. We try to use our platform as an opportunity for all of you to have that respect. Even if your teacher doesn’t hand out an assignment to reach out to your school’s managing editors, we would welcome your opinions any day.

-Zaq G. & Celina S.

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