The Beacon Throws Down the Gauntlet

By The Beacon Sports Staff

If you read the last Beacon, you would have noticed on page 12, in neon colors and an eye-catching design, The Beacon newspaper staff are challenging all SMCC Clubs and organizations to friendly yet competitive “bowl-offs.” The central idea for the challenge is simple and straightforward: Your student newspaper is trying to break down those silos that we find ourselves in at times. It’s a means of generating camaraderie, and (on the practical side of life) the paper is looking at the bowl-offs as a means of generating content.

As the spirit of friendly yet competitive challenges would have it, the SMCC Business Club is the first club that has accepted The Beacon’s challenge. While the date of the “bowl off” has yet to be nailed down, the faculty advisers for both organizations are staging late-into-the-night negotiations pertaining to location, date and a meaningful and suitable wager to spark the competitive juices.

As of this publication, investigative reporting on The Beacon’s behalf has uncovered that Bayside Bowl will be the venue for the “Beacon vs. Business Club Bowl Off.” The Beacon has also uncovered that the negotiations for “a sensible, suitable and meaningful wager” is an ongoing process in which both parties are holding fast to club standards. Sources have stated that The Beacon will hold the line that the Business Club will have to be more active in submitting their own content for The Beacon, while it is being speculated that the Business Club will want The Beacon to foot the bill. Such are the highs and lows of power negotiations.


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