Access to Education: An Argument for a Tuition-Free College Education

By Kameron McGill

Imagine if every person were able to attend college tuition free. I believe that having the ability to attend college free of charge would encourage many students to obtain a degree. If more people within the state of Maine were educated, it would boost our economy by promoting entrepreneurship and enabling individuals to obtain the necessary skills to obtain higher paying jobs.

Every American should have the opportunity to pursue their professional goals, as well as the ability to explore the wide range of opportunities this world has to offer. As annual cost of living expenses is rising rapidly, and wage increases lag, without access to education, the ability to enjoy the quality of life all people want, is increasingly difficult in the United States.

Many students who attend college require financial aid, particularly if they don’t live with their parents and need to afford the cost of living expenses, when attending school full-time. With that said, I have discovered that a growing number of students are squandering the opportunity they’ve been afforded through access to federal student loans. Instead, they are attending college simply to afford their cost of living expenses.
By abusing the use of federal student loans, they are jeopardizing access to these critical funds for others who use student loans for their intended purpose. here are multiple sources which confirm this worsening problem.

If college tuition was free, the misuse of educational loans would end, and the students that truly want to make the most out of their educational experience would be able to continue to do so. I firmly believe that every citizen in the United States should have the same opportunities as the next person, regardless of their financial standing.

Money should not be a barrier for U.S. citizens who desire to learn, obtain a degree and pursue their professional goals. The college experience should be available to those who want to advance and become positive contributing members of society. No one should be prevented from accessing education as a result of financial hardship, or regulation that prevents them from doing so.

The ability to obtain a degree in the United States should not be a privilege, accessible to the few, it should be an opportunity extended to everyone. Not only would it ameliorate poverty, which is known to be one of the leading causes of crime and many of society’s ills in this country, it would enable the majority to provide a return on the government’s investment and contribute to making the world a better place for all of humanity.

As a nation, we must work together to ensure everyone is provided equal access to the same opportunities.

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  1. First of all, thank you for your article. In this country, the need to learn how to discuss ideas, share thoughts, and listen are waning. I remember, in high school, we had debate clubs. How I realized later I would have been fortunate to have joined. It’s in discussions, the sharing of ideas that brings out real consideration and the search for the best ideas.
    I’m going to take this from a different perspective. I believe in the “see” to understand. It’s understanding, often with practical experiences that really test the range of ideas we see on the news, talk radio, and on other sites.
    Let’s say Valerie and Ken want to make money. Their parents give the two children some for chores, but they wish to have more for the things they want in addition to what their parents provide. So, the parents give them the thumbs up, even helping them to start.
    To start their lemonade and cookie stand, the two kids work with their father in creating a booth. This booth, with wheels, can be placed in the garage, taken out, and even taken to sporting events. The kids paint the booth, under the watchful gaze of their parents, and end up doing it again when they show them better signs that have succeeded in the past.
    So, the business begins. At first, things are slow, so they improve the recipes, offering other types of cookies suggested by neighbors, even reducing costs so neighborhood kids would be willing to part company with some of their money. Then, with word of mouth, they make more money, but to their dismay, they discover that part of their profits must go back into the business, for they must buy more cookie dough and other products, and dad is charging them gas money for when they take the booth to games. Later, after they’ve had some success, they must also pay back for the materials used to make the booth (Mom and dad are being a little lenient for not asking for labor, their part for helping out. But they hope this does not affect their appreciation.).
    Throughout all of this, learning about customer service, quality of products, time sacrificed to run the business, and more, these kids are learning determination and a new way of thinking, not to mention all experiences that can only be gained by the trials and ups and downs. But they endure, and with time, they get additional ideas and some of these produce income. It didn’t come easy, but they’ve learned lessons that will last a lifetime.
    Could these two children have complained when their parents would not increase their allowances for chores? Could they have thought to themselves that their parents make good money and why can’t they part with more of it, for they’ve reached a level of success they cannot do on their own? Why should they have to do all of this just to make more money when their parents have so much?
    From the parents’ perspective, they see that their children have learned how to make products, how to increase value, how to talk with customers and advertise, not to mention the value of “word of mouth.” They’ve seen their children grow in experience and understanding. They see that in life, these two kids will work hard, be creative, and think of solutions more so than problems, and they will make any employer happy to have them.
    I remember also, a business man who also had children that wanted allowances. So, for some chores, he gave them $5 each. But he explained that if they doubled their money, that would be their new allowances. So, through deals and such (One boy bought a basketball for a dollar, later selling it for three.), they each doubled their money, and this became their new allowances. Well, this continued until each child was able to obtain $50.00. After that, he never gave them a dime extra. They had learned how to make their own money through their own efforts, creatively and with time.
    You see, it’s good to help those who need it. However, as a nation, the lessons learned through time and effort, through determination and sacrificing, through hopes and dreams, then the game plan to get there, even with set-backs, that causes people to rise up and succeed, even better than they ever dreamed. It’s all in the lessons of life.


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