Astrology Check

By Celina Simmons

Based off the positive energy sent out by the New Moon that happened on the fifth of this month, hopefully our creative juices are flowing and we’re all ready to jump into this new semester. The best advice I can give you for the rest of this month is to hold on to that optimistic vibe. On the 21st, a Total Lunar Eclipse on top of a Full Moon square Uranus occurred- so buckle up kids.

Let’s start by breaking down what all of this means. A lunar eclipse is where the Sun and Moon are on complete opposite sides of the Earth so that the Sun’s rays are blocked from reaching the moon. These eclipses only occur during a full moon and the energy is very intense, per usual with a full moon. The energy is even stronger though when a total lunar eclipse is involved.

Lunar Eclipses focus mostly on emotions, intimate relationships, and family and a Total Lunar Eclipse has a strong influence on one’s private life. It causes emotions and instincts to reach their peak but, like the balance between the Sun and the Moon, it allows one to look at relationships from a balanced perspective. In other words, since you will be more in touch with your own needs, you will clearly be able to see any imbalances.

To say the moon is “square Uranus” is simply saying the two are 90 degrees apart from each other in relation to Earth’s placement. Astrologically, this means everything will be strongly affected by the traits of Uranus. This planet specifically holds the power of awakening, which tends to follow moments of disruption. According to horoscopes.astro-seek.com, “Events under the influence of Uranus are unexpected or unpredictable, forcing us to… face the truth about… that issue.”

All of the unexpected events and news may cause some anxiety about the future, making life seem a bit more hectic than usual. When is life not hectic though? This chaotic energy from Uranus may cause people to be impulsive or go through extreme mood swings. Your normal routine may start to become boring and you’ll want to make some radical changes. This is not the time for that. Stay away from commitments or sudden change. At astrologyking.com they suggest, “New encounters may meet your need for a thrill but would cause a great deal of upset to your life and have a negative effect on loved ones.”

The next week or so may seem like a trainwreck but this is the perfect time to practice patience and self-control. You may notice friends or family go through emotional outbursts that require some extra sensitivity. As long as we focus on staying open minded as well as flexible, we can make it a successful and interesting start to the semester!

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