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Friendly Security

By Celina Simmons

The first reaction for many students when seeing a security officer walking your way is not to get excited. Let’s admit it- there’s a stigma around a badge and a uniform that makes students want to walk in the other direction.

friendly security

Photo By Tyler Arabia

Marcus Sinclair has worked in Security since August of 2017, when he found out the department did first responder work for the campus. As an EMT and Paramedics major, Marcus found this to be the perfect opportunity to help people in any way he can. Although he loves his job as Lead Administrative Officer, he has noticed that while in uniform, students are more hesitant to be around him and other officers if they don’t generally know them. “I’m not here to bust kids, give tickets, and be mean,” Marcus shared, “…the main focus we have at security is safety.”

Of course, getting a parking ticket is a burden and nobody likes getting one but there is meaning to the madness. Parking tickets are given out for the safety of drivers as well as emergency vehicle access. Drug busts are to prevent students from potentially harming themselves or others. Security officers are not out to get you, they are here for the safety of our campus- hence the word “security.”

Some of the same students that avoid the officers on campus don’t even recognize them when they are not in uniform and will go back to being friendly. It doesn’t make much sense to treat another student with disrespect simply because they are a security officer.

When talking about his fellow coworkers, Marcus described his best memories being the ones where “teamwork makes the dreamwork.” He went on to say, “it’s really a nice little family.” Most, if not all, security officers on campus are students here to get their degree just like the rest of us. Try a friendly smile or wave instead of avoiding the officers on duty. I promise, they won’t bite.

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