The Dribblettes Rock the Halftime Show

By The Beacon Sports Staff

dribblelets 01Fans at the last SMCC women’s home basketball game had the fortune to see the Dribblettes, an organization that helps kindergarten through 3rd girls grade organization that develope their dribbling and basketball handling skills.

The Dribblettes appearance at SMCC was made through a connection between Women’s Basketball Head Coach Katie Bergeron and Eric Jensen who manages the group. After some conversation between Bergeron and Jensen, Jensen reached out to Assistant Athletic Director Ethan Wells to schedule an appearance at SMCC. On January 12th, the Dribblettes made their second appearance in the Hutchinson Gym performing during the halftime of the women’s game against Paul Smiths College.

The Dribblettes are affiliated with the Scarborough School System and practice every Sunday. If you have a young daughter who might be interested, or know of someone with a daughter who might be interested, you can contact Eric Jensen via email at: ejensen2@maine.rr.com

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