Campus News

The Student Welfare Committee of the Student Senate in Action

By Will Chabot

Although many students return home for the month-long winter break, some without that luxury remained in the residence halls. With the Oceanview Dining Hall closed, the Captain’s Cupboard Food Pantry only open one day per week, the on-campus dining options were limited.

After realizing this, the Student Welfare Committee (consisting of the Student Senate’s President and Director of Records) took action by sponsoring and implementing a program to make meals available to any student resident, completely free of charge. The SWC then collaborated with the Resident Life team to get the word out to students.

By contacting the Res Life team, each student received a package containing: ramen, crackers, trail mix, a fruit cup, and their choice of chicken noodle or tomato soup. Over 40% of the meals supplied by the committee were picked up and consumed with appreciation by the students who were struggling with limited dining options.

The Student Welfare Committee is open to all students. Anyone interested in supporting the welfare of their fellow students may contact for more information.

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