From the Desk of the Managing Editor

By Celina Simmons
Being a part of a group or club is always a comforting feeling. To know that you are a part of something bigger than yourself never stops providing satisfaction. Being in
my third semester working with The Beacon, I can say this confidently. Most, if not all, of the writers we have had for the paper have noticed growth in their writing, confidence, and pride. Not to mention the inexplicable feeling of fulfillment when you see your name in print. The Beacon has so many opportunities to offer that wouldn’t be found otherwise, and I’m not just talking about those physical things like publishing articles or entering pieces into competitions. Working with the school paper
showed me the confidence that I never thought I had. You have to step outside your
comfort zone when doing interviews. I remember my first time having to approach someone for an article and it felt like I was at a wall that seemed impossible to get over. One deep breath and I forced my way through that wall. The point is, there are more benefits than what meets the eye. If you’ve ever thought about submitting an article or joining a club, but never take the initiative, what’s stopping you? Are you hitting that wall? Push through it and you’ll never stop thanking yourself. If you have any interest in being apart of The Beacon team, my email is open for anyone and everyone to reach out to. You can contact me at

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