Taking a Transition Backwards

By Magella Cantara
Since the 1980’s our country has fought against discrimination against the LGBT community. It’s been a hot topic recently that transgender people deserve their equal rights just as anyone else who’s alive and making a living in this world. It was January 22 of this year that President Trump banned transgender people from serving in the military. Our former President Barack Obama had lifted this ban. Trump had also revoked Obama-era guidance that allowed trans students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. This goes to show his undoing of what Obama was able to progress.
Ryland Darcy is a U.S Airman, youtuber and trans man. On December 7, 2018, he was awarded SrA Below the Zone. In the Air Force, that’s when you get promoted six months ahead of your peers due to your outstanding work. This makes Trump’s point that trans people are unable to serve, irrelevant. Trump’s “current” point for banning trans people from the military is cost and readiness. If you are unaware, when you’re in the military health-care is paid for and because healthcare is personal, there shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to what you’re using it for. You’re receiving health-care that not everyone can afford in the civilian world, in return for serving our country which is only fair. The military isn’t for everyone, and not everyone knows what it’s like being trans in the military. Ryland Darcy talks about this on his YouTube channel; his experience and the feared reality behind this ban that no one talks about, for the Supreme Court and president seemed to disregard it.
For example, there are 15,500 transgender service member’s careers at jeopardy now that this has gone through. This creates an immense cost to the taxpayer. In other words, we are losing money.
Does Trump’s reasoning seem valid for going as far as banning these 15,500 service members? Is this an act of discrimination or bigotry on our Presidents behalf? Regardless of a person’s gender or sexuality that person should be treated with the same respect they treat and serve our country with.

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