Campus Updates

By Lydia Thormer

We’re not going to let a little snow stop us…

Snow days are not what they used to be, are they? Some students are told to go online, find the material and complete the work, snow day or not. But for others, whose instructors are either just being kind, or don’t have the technology skills, a snow day is hearkening back to our old K-12 days, when it meant a day free of academia. The Beacon reached out to students on the Midcoast campus to inquire about their snow day. Here’s what they shared!

For our snow day, myself and the rest of the Midcoast Activities Committee, as well as Senate attended the Atria Senior Prom! We had so much fun! The event was so well arranged. Student Senate did a wonderful job setting this event up! Our residents had fun, and I believe Atria’s residents had a blast as well! All in all, it was a great snow day spent with many great people!

Pictured in front left Lydia Thorner, front middle Maxine Grubb, front right Taylor Rathbun. Back left Patrick Remedis and back right Andrea Kyzer.

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