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Is SMCC Breathing Fresh Air?

By Magella Cantara

cigWhen walking through the SMCC campus there are signs that read, “Smoke Free Campus.” There are only two spots on campus in which you are allowed to smoke by the smoking trees at the bus stop and outside the Spring Point dorm.

Reasons for keeping SMCC a smoke free campus include both, cleanliness and the risk of second hand smoke. By having the trees in certain spots on campus, this allows non-smokers to avoid being around second hand smoke, it is no secret that second hand smoke can be deadly.

Since this is the 21st century we have the privilege to know just how bad cigarettes are for your lungs. Banning smoking on campus can compell those who board in the dorms to quit…not everyone wants to stand out by the trees in below freezing weather.

If the frigid temperatures weren’t enough for somone to quit, they’re expensive, costing almost ten dollars a pack. These prices were raised so that consumers would kick the nasty habit.

However, sometimes this is not enough to steer people in the opposite direction of cancer sticks. If people want something they will find a way to get it. 

As a school, should SMCC ban smoking entirely or is having the smoking trees respectable enough for both smokers and non smokers? Do you agree that raising the price of cigarettes has decreased the amount of smokers on our campus, our community? And when will our society come to grips with the danger that tags along with every drag?

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