Scratching the Surface on Twitch

By Celina Simmons


Cole Horne DJing

One thing I don’t like is the DJ the school hires. The DJ has computer in front of him/she and him/she can’t beatmatch by ear or on the computer. It hurts my ears and I have to leave within a half hour.”

“The mix has to be seamless and the DJ can’t do a seamless mix. Sure the DJ has a fancy setup but no one cares. They care what’s familiar and they want to dance. The DJ just doesn’t do that. 10% of people are actually dancing vs the 90% that are standing around.”

“I wish the school would invest in what the school has for DJs Such as Jay Ryan, Musonda, Myself, and Will Chabot. I believe we can throw a dance that would be amazing for students…”

Scratching the Surface on Twitch

By The Beacon Staff

He does not make music. Cole Horne creates mashups. Some are live mashups while others are studio mashups where the studio is needed for the creative process. In two weeks, he hopes to obtain a piano to learn chords and progressions. Hopefully within three months, he will be creating his own music. He shared, “When I was growing up I learned percussion and sheet music. That is some of the driving force to help me create music when I finally do.”

Cole DJs house music. House music includes the subgenres of deep house, future, electro, progressive and big room house. Cole takes any song and tries to find a house version of it. “I play 50 percent of what I believe you like and 50 percent of what I like, but the key difference is that I will play the house version of that,” he says.

He explained before a party how he is listening to R&B, pop, and rap Top 100 and when you enter the party it is the same Top 100 you were listening to before, “I personally believe that you should shake things up and play something different.”

A couple artists that inspire Cole are Hardwell, Rezz, Dannic, Armin van Buuren, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and many more. But his real inspiration is to see people happy and dancing on the dance floor.

Cole intends on creating music soon, with the hopes of DJing in pubs, clubs, and parties. Hopefully DJ a school dance or two, *wink, wink*.

If you are interested in hearing some of his mashups, Cole livestreams on Twitch every Monday and Friday at 10 p.m. EST. Tune in at

A quote he always stands by is, “Anyone can be a DJ. You can spin anything you want. The key difference is that if you can get the dance floor actually dancing you have done something great.”

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